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Whipping up sweet and savory culinary delights

Traiveon Wiliams tops his pie using pastry dough in a circular pattern.
Traiveon Wiliams tops his pie using
pastry dough in a circular pattern.

Behind-the-scenes in Principles of Baking (HRI 128).

Inside the classroom: Students are hard at work in the Tidewater Community College kitchens learning to create culinary confections, breads, pies and quiches, pastries, baked desserts, tortes and cakes. The course involves hands-on preparation of baked goods, under the supervision of Chef Karin Grice, who shares her wealth of knowledge and well-used tips for successful baking.

Student voice: “I’m learning how to make dough, measure precisely and have patience. It’s a new skill. I’m usually cooking on a grill, where you put meat on the fire and then sear it to perfection. It’s been great crafting perfect pies and cakes since I’ve never done this before.” – Traiveon Williams, TCC student and a supervisor at Kelly’s Tavern in Norfolk, Va.

Why this class sizzles: “We’re incorporating summer fruits in our baking and have used everything from papaya, mangos, peaches to citrus and berries. Our final practical will be a picnic-themed event, where we gather with family and friends to enjoy what we’ve created. Students are preparing picnic baskets with at least three baked goods, something on a bread and a fun appetizer. This summer, we also toured a local chocolate factory where we made our own chocolate bars and sampled some amazing hot chocolate.” – Chef Karin Grice