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Classroom Teaching and Learning with Technology Committee

The Classroom Teaching and Learning with Technology Committee:

  • Brings together faculty, staff, and students in order to make informed decisions, sustain collaborative change, and develop better strategies for using technology to improve teaching and learning in the face-to-face environment
  • Serves in an advisory capacity to the Vice President for Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer on a regular basis, e.g., on faculty development initiatives, internal grants programs, and budgets that affect resources and/or support services available to improve teaching and learning with technology

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The CTLTC is a governing body that brings together the voices of faculty, staff, and students from each TCC campus. The forum advises the Vice President for Academic Affairs/Chief Academic Officer and sustains the collaborative change needed to improve teaching and learning opportunities through the use of technology in the classroom.


  • Review and recommend any revisions to policies, procedures, plans, and/or other relevant documents that are germane to the purpose of the Classroom Teaching and Learning Technology Committee; assist in drafting new policy and procedures, if needed.
  •  Produce a report that provides the pros and cons of using an LMS lecture capture solution such as Blackboard Collaborate Ultra rather than Panopto for lecture capture.
  •  In coordination with the Learning Technologies Department review and recommend components to redesign the classroom MPS (Media Presentation System) in order to reduce costs and maintain quality of service.
  • Increase faculty awareness of campus Distance Learning Classrooms.
  • Collaborate with Learning Technologies Department to conduct a college-wide MPS study that quantifies equipment usage.
  • Produce a shared governance resource that promotes access to information, collaboration, and communication amongst stakeholders.
  • Determine the committee's role in advancing Guided Pathways.

Dates are determined by the committee.

2017-18 Membership

  • Chair: Ané (Andrea) Pearman
  • John Morea (Learning Technologies: Ex – Oficio)
  • Ané Pearman (Virginia Beach: Chair Elect)
  • Matthew Blanchard (Learning Technologies)
  • Bethany Wright (Libraries)
  • Beth Callahan (Educational Accessibility)
  • Staci Forgey (Portsmouth)
  • Rashad Ridley (OIS)
  • Joe Reisch (Portsmouth)
  • Beth Callahan (Disabilities Services)


  • 2 Norfolk representatives
  • 2 Chesapeake representatives
  • 2 Adjunct Faculty
  • 1 Student
  • 1 Faculty Development

Observer: Marcee Anderson (Virginia Beach)

Members are elected to serve a 2-year term.

CTLTC members include:

  • Two teaching faculty members elected from each campus
  • Two adjunct faculty
  • One counselor elected college-wide
  • One librarian elected college-wide
  • One representative from OIS, elected college-wide
  • One Disabilities Services or Testing Center Representative, elected college-wide
  • One representative from Learning Technology Applications elected college-wide
  • One representative from eLearning elected college-wide
  • One student appointed by the SGA Federation
  • One Batten Lab manager
  • Associate Vice President, Learning Technologies

This committee is allowed up to three people appointed as directed by the PAPC and, if necessary, the PAPC is directed to use the appointments to ensure that each campus has representation on the committee, considering appointments from centers as well.

End-of-Year Reports

Academic year:

Mid-Year Reports

Academic year:


Ané (Andrea) Pearman