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3 college programs for working adults

More than two out of three college students today are not coming straight out of high school.

Research shows us that most adult learners have a high school diploma, job and maybe some college credits under their belt. But they also have numerous commitments that demand a substantial portion of their time and hold them back from pursuing a degree.

Full-time jobs, family responsibilities, tight budgets and anxiety about returning to school can keep adult learners out of the classroom.

However, earning a college degree or certificate is one of the best ways adult learners can better the lives of their families and increase their earning potential.

It’s never too late to go back to school. That’s where affordable, flexible and short-term community college programs help.

Here are three college programs at Tidewater Community College that might fit your schedule.

Acquisition and Procurement

Designed to be completed in just two semesters and offered in an accelerated online learning format, a Career Studies Certificate in Acquisition and Procurement is an ideal fit for busy adult learners. Students can train for this coveted field work with part-time, online coursework. 

Land Surveying

Already working full time? That’s no problem for students pursuing a two-semester Career Studies Certificate in Land Surveying. Courses are offered at night and online to maximize opportunities for adult learners – and apprenticeship opportunities can pay you while you learn on your employer’s dime.

Technical Studies

Offered entirely online, an Associate of Applied Science in Technical Studies rewards students for professional experience with up to 23 credits for work experience. This innovative program allows you to convert your professional experience into college credit while you train for professional advancement.

These programs are just a few examples of how local community colleges can serve adult learners with online offerings, accelerated formats and prior learning assessment.

You can’t change your life if you’re still asking, “Should I go back to school?”

It’ll take a lot of work, but innovative programs paired with expanded student support services, including child care, transportation and distance learning, can support you every step of the way!