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Get Out of the Blocks, The Interview Process Workshop

27 Sep
When: Tuesday September 27th, 12:30 pm - 01:30 pm

Presenter: John W. Rachels, President, HR Research

Get off to a great start with your JOB INTERVIEW! Hear regional recruiting consultant John W. Rachels discuss ideas emerging from 25 consecutive years of facilitating, organizing, and negotiating job offers with professionals in all time zones including Presidents and Executive Vice Presidents, Senior and Junior Management and Sales Representatives.

Suggestions range from the fundamentals to the uncommon what if’s! Think in advance and emphasize what is important to every employer regardless of industry or vocation:
1) Preparation and statements
2) Presenting yourself
3) Discussion Points
4) Most important aspect #1 (Questions)
5) Most important aspect #2 (Blending)
6) Most important aspect #3 (Closing)
7) Website:

Sponsored by TCC Career Services. For questions, Call (757) 822-7228 or email Web Site:… TCC College Central Network:

This event is open to the public.