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Spring 2020 Survival Skill for Life Sessions “Avoiding Burn Out” How to Have a Healthy Work/Life/School Balance (Part 1)

25 Feb
When: Tuesday February 25th, 12:15 pm - 01:30 pm
Where: Virginia Beach Building, G135

Address: 1700 College Crescent Virginia Beach, VA 23453


Thieves of Time- What’s Stealing Yours?
Too Much to Do, Too Little Time
Does Time Manage You?

The charismatic and humorous Professor McFerrin covers topics of how to avoid "burn out" through your everyday life. Time tends to try and manage us, but how can we combat this? Professor McFerrin intelligently aids with realistic goals that can be set in YOUR personal situations.

By Professor Monica McFerrin
Arts and Humanities, VB Campus

This event is open to TCC students, faculty and staff only.