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The Clothesline Project

29 Oct
When: Tuesday October 29th, 12:30 p.m. - 01:30 p.m.
Where: Norfolk Student Center, Outside

The Clothesline Project is made up of t-shirts created by survivors of violence, or created in honor of someone who has experienced violence. It is a powerful witness of the violence many live with. The Women’s Center invites you to create and pin to the line a shirt as a testament to your own survival or in support or memory of someone you know who has experienced domestic or sexual violence.

The Clothesline Project is a visual reminder of statistics that we often ignore. It gives a voice to those who have been forcibly silenced.

If you or someone you know is affected by domestic/intimate partner violence, stalking, and/or sexual assault, know you’re not alone. Free and confidential help is available.

Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance
Phone: 1-800-838-8238
Text: 1-804-793-9999

LGBTQ Partner Abuse and Sexual Assault Helpline

This event is open to the public.