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Fabulous Fall Classes: Greenhouse Crop Production 1

We’re taking a peek inside the classroom to offer students a sampling of what they might experience. This week we visited a horticulture lab to see learning in progress.
Three horticulture students stand at a table with plants
Gwendolyn Williams, Tim McGhee and
Solomon White

Inside the classroom:

Horticulture students in Greenhouse Crop Production 1 (HRT 121) gain hands-on experience and classroom instruction in the art of growing foliage, bedding plants and floriculture. They learn about production requirements, environmental control and management and cultural techniques. They also gain insight into career possibilities in the industry. 

What’s fabulous about this class?

“Students learn beyond the lecture and textbook by getting their hands in the dirt. There is a great sense of accomplishment for them when they can step back and say ‘I grew that!’ and someone buys the plant for use in their yard, home or office.” – Andrea Tomlin, horticulture professor


Don’t miss a lab! The majority of the activities are one-time only and there is always something new to learn.

Horticulture student waters plants in a greenhouse
Curtis Gridley

Student voices:

“I enjoy getting my hands in the dirt. It’s amazing to watch things grow from seeds to full plants. I’m really interested in growing vegetables. My wife and I hope to own a restaurant that serves the produce we grow in the greenhouse on site.” – Shon Jualin

“I work as an assistant grower at a large nursery, and I’ve come here to advance in my career. It’s rewarding to see the plants we’re growing. And it’s very peaceful and relaxing.” – Tanner Lutheran

“I became really interested in what we eat and where it comes from. I believe we need to eat properly to avoid disease. This is all about nutrition to me. Plus, I love flowers!” – Gwendolyn Williams

Horticulture instructor speaks to students while holding plants
Professor Andrea Tomlin and class

About the professor:

An alumna of the TCC horticulture program, Tomlin went on to earn her bachelor’s in horticulture and master’s in agricultural education from Virginia Tech. After working in landscape sales and installation, she joined Chesapeake and Virginia Beach Public Schools teaching horticulture classes, including greenhouse production, floral design, turf management and landscape design and management. She was also a horticulture extension agent with Virginia Tech in Norfolk. She joined TCC as a full-time faculty member this year.