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Computer Science & IT

Innovative, career-focused, and application-oriented, Tidewater Community College’s computer science and information technology programs provide the industry-relevant knowledge and specialized technical skills you need to start or advance your career – even before you graduate. And with courses mapped to leading national certifications, TCC can help you prepare for over 30 industry credentials as you work toward your degree.

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Computer Science

Prepare to transfer to a four-year college or university to study the creation, maintenance, and further development of digital information platforms. Learn more about our Computer Science program.

Cyber Security

Arm yourself for the cyber battlefield with an NSA approved program focused on security models, intrusion detection, and network security. Learn more about our Cyber Security program.

Database Specialist

Dive into database management with an Oracle certified program that teaches you to design, implement, maintain, and troubleshoot relational databases. Learn more about our Database Specialist program.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Learn the skills necessary to visualize, analyze, and model GIS systems to help in the planning and decision-making processes of a business organization. Learn more about our Geographic Information Systems (GIS) program.

Information Systems Technology

Gain expertise in several key areas including, operating systems, networking, hardware, troubleshooting, software design, and more. Learn more about our Information Systems Technology program.

Network Administration & Infrastructure

Train to administer network systems, including Windows and Linux services, to install and configure a network, or to optimize Wide Area Networks. Learn more about our Network Administration & Infrastructure programs.

Programming, Mobile App & Web Development

Code apps on Android, learn Javascript, Java, and C++, or prepare for a career designing and building attractive, functional websites. Learn more about our Programming, Mobile App & Web Development programs.

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Globally-recognized credentials can be the key to your IT career path. With just a few courses at TCC, you’ll be ready for manufacturer-specific exams from companies like Microsoft, Oracle, CompTIA, VMware, and more! Learn more about IT certifications.