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Learn about everything TCC offers at Open House on June 3

Find your future at Tidewater Community College. Learn about TCC’s programs, including information technology, engineering, culinary arts, health sciences, maritime technologies and the many other potential career paths and transfer opportunities the college offers. 

Take the next step by visiting TCC’s Open House on June 3, from 9 a.m. to noon, at the Norfolk and Chesapeake Campuses. Registration is not required, but recommended and can be done by visiting here

Visit our website for a complete listing of programs. There is plenty of time to enroll for fall classes, which begin on Aug. 21. 

All are invited, especially: 

  • 2023 high school graduates and their families; 
  • adults who want to start or finish a degree, learn a new field, or advance in their careers; 
  • active-duty military and veterans, their spouses and dependents. 

You will be able to apply to TCC; learn about financial aid, grants and scholarships; explore academic options; tour campuses; and learn about campus life at all locations. 

If you have an eye on a four-year college, TCC can help get you there, too. Transfer agreements allow a student to complete the first two years of a bachelor’s degree at TCC and gain guaranteed admission to most Virginia colleges and universities. 

Locations for TCC’s Open House are: 

  • Chesapeake Campus: Student Center 
  • Norfolk Campus: Student Center 

Accommodation requests related to a disability should be made to the Office of Educational Accessibility by emailing or calling 757-822-7751. 

For more information, call 757-822-1111 or email or visit this site

Ten reasons to consider attending community college

Tidewater Community College has been providing quality education in Hampton Roads for over 50 years. Today, TCC is the largest provider of higher education and workforce services in Hampton Roads.

TCC provides flexible, affordable education options to close to 30,000 students each year, both online and on campuses in cities across the area.

So why is community college a good place to start? Here are 10 reasons to consider.


Save big on tuition by starting at TCC. Tuition costs at TCC are significantly lower than four-year schools. That’s why three in five TCC graduates leave debt-free. Compare that to the national average of $37,172 and it’s easy to see why TCC is a great option for those looking to start their careers.

Quality education

TCC professors bring real-world knowledge into the classroom, creating a dynamic learning environment for students. In fact, students who graduate from TCC’s career and technical programs have some of the highest pass rates on certification exams. Also, students who transfer to universities have high success rates thanks to the strong start they got at TCC.

Faculty and staff here to help

TCC Professors have one goal in the classroom and that’s student success. They go the extra mile and connect with students to ensure they reach their educational goals. In addition, TCC staff strive to solve problems and ease barriers to higher education for all students.

Education that works

TCC offers hands-on training for all kinds of careers from IT to health care to mechatronics. Students looking to train for a specific career benefit from industry-focused curriculum and partnerships that include internships and clinical experience. If you want a degree that will get you hired, TCC can get you there.

Guaranteed transfer

TCC’s guaranteed transfer programs offer immediate transfer to every public university in Virginia and most private four-year colleges, too. Just put in the work for two years (and sometimes less) at TCC, then go pretty much anywhere in Virginia.

Military friendly

About one-third of TCC students are military-related. The college provides a full array of services to support prospective and current military-related students in our offices on campus and on base. Students benefit from military and academic resources tailored to active duty and reserve service members, veterans, military spouses and dependents.

Scholarships and financial aid

TCC and the TCC Educational Foundation provide thousands of dollars in scholarships to students each year. Most of them are worth $500 or more and don’t need to be repaid, making one of the most affordable options in higher education even more cost-effective. Staff are here to help students explore scholarships, grants, loans and work-study options.

Flexible and convenient

With four campuses in Hampton Roads, TCC is an easy commute from anywhere. Also, community college classes are designed with convenience and are offered in the daytime, evenings, weekends and online.

Smaller classes

Large classes held in auditoriums are less likely at a community college. Even though TCC is the largest provider of higher education in the area, classes and labs are still small allowing for personalized attention.

Tim Slootmaker with Chuck Thomas, student center staff member.

Student life

Student life at TCC encompasses the entire collegiate experience. Along with classroom and laboratory work, various clubs and organizations are available to broaden and deepen students’ views. Leadership opportunities in student government are encouraged and student centers on each campus offer a wide variety of study, work-out, gathering and food options.

It’s not too early to apply for spring scholarships

Tonia Smith feared the out-of-pocket costs associated with returning to college. So in addition to applying for financial aid at Tidewater Community College, Smith browsed scholarship opportunities.

To her surprise, Smith didn’t receive just one scholarship; she was awarded several through the TCC Educational Foundation.

“I was extremely surprised when I was given multiple scholarships,” said Smith, who is working toward an associate degree in computer-aided drafting and design while holding a full-time job. “The scholarships paid for books, tuition, and even a new laptop that can handle the graphics of AutoCAD. I didn’t think students like myself would qualify for such large scholarship awards.”

Most TCC students qualify for scholarships. Browse the list of opportunities at to find your fit.

The scholarship deadline for spring semester is Nov. 15. Scholarships will be awarded on a first-apply, first-award basis as long as applicants meet all the criteria.

Regional Automotive Center student Sawyer Matthews received a $2,000 scholarship.

Remember, scholarships are a form of financial aid that do not need to be repaid. Most scholarships awarded by TCC are worth at least $500.

Some scholarships factor in demographics. The Beazley Foundation Nursing Scholarship, for example, gives preference to students from Portsmouth. The George Flaherty Trust Scholarship seeks students whose home base is the Chesapeake Campus.

Others target a student’s background. The Chris R. Marcia Veterans Tribute Scholarship requires applicants to have served at least three years of active duty in the military. Some require essays, often about career and educational goals or how you will contribute to campus life at TCC.

Shanice Mills sitting on the seal in the Portsmouth Campus Student Center.
Shanice Mills has won multiple awards, including the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Student Scholarship.

A few, including the Barnes and Noble Textbook Scholarship, offer multiple scholarships to students on each of the four campuses and have minimal requirements.

TCC’s workforce education programs also offer scholarships. The Virginia Glennan Scholarship Fund, for example, requires a written recommendation by an employer.

Last fall, the TCC Educational Foundation awarded 504 student awards to 335 students.

Here’s what some of the most recent recipients had to say about their awards:

“With this scholarship, I have been able to be stress-free while focusing on my 16 credit hours for this fall semester. I was recently early discharged a year ago and wanted to obtain this goal in my life without feeling the need to go broke over it. Applying was as easy as 1-2-3. I got the email a few weeks later saying I was chosen.” — Navy veteran Dasha Chaney, recipient of the Christopher M. Garrett Memorial Scholarship

“I’ve received the Fred W. Beazley Scholarship this semester, but the one I am most honored to have received was the Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship in 2019. I never fathomed I would receive this award. I just applied, and next thing you know, I was selected and honored at the award ceremony.” — Shanice Mills, recipient of the Fred W. Beazley and the 2019 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholarship Award

“Every little bit helps.” — Regional Automotive Center student Sawyer Matthews, recipient of the Hampton Roads Automobile Dealers Association scholarship

“Thank you so much for choosing me to receive the textbook scholarship! My education has been so thrown off by COVID, and I have been out of work for 6 months now. Having one less financial burden will allow me to continue with this semester instead of having to drop classes to support my children’s virtual learning. This is truly a blessing. — Stephanie Mortimore, recipient of the Barnes & Noble scholarship

Yes, fall classes started but you can still register through Aug. 26

Yikes! Fall classes started at Tidewater Community College, and you forgot to register.

No worries. There’s still time to enroll in 16-week classes that started on Aug. 19, but get moving! The deadline is Monday, Aug. 26.

Here’s how to get started. Apply to TCC. There is no application fee; just make sure you have an email address to verify your application.

Next, fill out the FAFSA for financial aid. If you haven’t done this yet, you’ll likely need an alternate form of payment upfront. If you qualify for financial aid, you will still be able to apply those funds to fall classes But because of the time crunch, you might have to pay and wait for reimbursement. In that case, consider signing up for TCC’s payment plan. You have until Thursday, Aug. 22 to sign up for the payment plan.

Remember to take your placement tests before meeting with an advisor. Make sure you have a picture ID when you visit the testing office at any of our campuses. You might be exempt from placement tests. Find out all you need to know here.

All that will be left is for you to sign up for classes with the help of one of our advisors and you’re on your way! Remember, if you start class late, you will still be responsible for all course material for the days you missed. It’s best to talk with your professor about any concerns.

We’re available to help at if you’re a new student or if you’re a current student. Reach out with questions or call 757-822-1111.

If you still can’t make it work, don’t despair. TCC offers 12-week and eight-week class sessions and you’ve got time to sign up for those. Twelve-week classes begin on Sept. 16.

TCC’s second session of eight-week classes begins on Oct. 16.

Whether it’s 16-, 12- or eight-week classes, you still receive the same number of credits. The shorter sessions are just more condensed options.

See you in class this fall!