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Student Affairs

Community college students need specialized service and support to be successful. That’s why the TCC’s student affairs offers an array of support services and programs.

Student services are designed to enhance and facilitate student learning and growth both academically and socially and are available to all students regardless of their location of attendance.

Student support services

Student support services at TCC provides assistance to help students throughout their educational journey. TCC serves students seeking employment, military-related, current or former foster youth, international students, or are interested in intercultural learning, women’s issues and artistic events.

Student Life and Conduct

Student life at TCC encompasses the entire collegiate experience. Along with classroom and laboratory work, various clubs and organizations are available to broaden and deepen students’ views. Leadership opportunities in student government are encouraged and student centers on each campus offer a wide variety of study and entertainment facilities.


At TCC, students’ academic success is important. Remediation, monitoring, and testing are all in place to assist students on their paths to success.


Advising is critical to student success at TCC. Students meet with advisors as part of admission and enrollment – and as an ongoing component of their education. All TCC students, including those in need of additional accessibility, as well as first-generation college students, can easily find the support and guidance they needed to navigate the collegiate experience at TCC.

Admissions and Enrollment Services

Registration for classes at TCC is easier than it’s ever been. So much of the admission and enrollment process can be completed online, or with assistance from our dedicated staff.

Public Safety

Safety for all who study and work at TCC is a top priority. Campus security personnel are on-duty during all times classes are in session to ensure a safe and productive environment for all.

Contact Student Affairs Leadership

Dr. Karen Campbell, Vice President for Student Affairs
Phone: 757-822-1233

Dr. Emily Hartman, Dean of Student Life and Conduct & Chesapeake Campus Dean
Phone: 757-822-5201

Dr. Valerie Burge-Hall, Dean of Retention & Portsmouth Campus Dean
Phone: 757-822-2258

Mr. Mike Powell, Director of Public Safety and Emergency Management
Phone: 757-822-1783

Dr. Nicole Wilson, Registrar
Phone: 757-822-7152

Dr. Thomas Chatman, Dean of Student Support Services and Norfolk Campus Dean
Phone: 757-822-1180

Dr. Kia Hardy, Dean of Advising & Virginia Beach Campus Dean
Phone: 757-822-7245

Dr. Misty Lyon, Dean of Enrollment Management
Phone: 757-822-7042