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Student Success Committee

The Student Success Committee:

  • Reviews and recommends policy designed to help students achieve success during their college experience
  • Makes recommendations on admissions, records, registration, financial aid, and recruitment policies
  • Considers matters of student life that relate to conduct, student development, student organizations, student government, orientation, intramural athletics, and other student activities
  • Reports through the Academic and Student Affairs Office

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  1. In collaboration with the Intercultural Learning Center, develop an institutional self-assessment process designed to assess the current state of diversity and inclusion efforts at the college
  2. Propose strategies for educating students about policies and procedural changes related to Guided Pathways, including VIP-PASS, P.A.C.E.
  3. Determine the committee’s role in advancing P.A.C.E. and Guided Pathways
  4. Propose changes to first-time student orientations, included accessible options for online and distance students, to align with Guided Pathways
  5. Review and recommend any revisions to policies, procedures, plans or other relevant documents germane to the purpose of the Student Success Committee; assist drafting new policy and procedures, if needed.

In addition, the Student Success Committee has been asked by Drs. Michelle Woodhouse and Marilyn Hodge to assist with an initiative involving priority registration. The goal being to encourage students to be advised and register for the next semester during priority registration in the fall and spring. They would welcome input from the Student Success Committee, as this will be a college wide initiative, and will need “buy-in” and participation from faculty, staff and students in order to make this successful.

Meetings will take place the first Wednesday of each month at 3 p.m.

  • Chair: Emily Hartman, Co-Director of Student Activities, Operations and Leadership
  • Kerry Ragno, Past Chair
  • Kay Sourbeer, Past Chair
  • Marilyn Hodge, Past Chair
  • Tiffanye Sledge, Past Chair
  • James Edwards, Dean of Students
  • Vacant, Chesapeake Faculty Member
  • Tracee Gobel, Virginia Beach Faculty Member
  • Vacant, Norfolk Faculty Member
  • Katrina Dash, Portsmouth Faculty Member
  • Vacant, LRC Representative
  • Caroline Williams, Counselor
  • Cheryl Lomax, Classified Employee
  • Bridgett Passauer, College-Wide Coordinator or Director
  • Blair Rhodes, College Director of Student Activities
  • Alicia Phillips, Campus Student Activities Coordinator
  • Vacant, Norfolk SGA Member
  • Rachel Cater, Portsmouth SGA Member
  • Hannah Larum, Portsmouth SGA Member
  • Donna Patterson, Portsmouth SGA Member
  • Anna Zawde, Chesapeake SGA Member
  • Vacant, Virginia Beach SGA Member
  • Mariah Johnson, Federation Chair Member

This committee is allowed up to three people appointed as directed by the PAPC and, if necessary, the PAPC is directed to use the appointments to ensure that each campus has at least one representative on the committee.


Emily Hartman