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Faculty Professional Development Committee

The Faculty Professional Development Committee reviews and recommends opportunities for faculty to enhance their teaching and learning.

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Proposed FPDC Charges 2021-22

  1. Support the continued revival of Tidewater Community College Batten Fellowship and the Ad Hoc Selection Committee by hosting a workshop to solicit strong applications and ensure a competitive fellowship process and providing guidance for current Batten Fellow to meet fellowship requirements and scheduled timeline goals.
  2. Organize, promote, and provide direct support for the Learning Institute and Faculty Development Day.
  3. Act as the Faculty Academy advisory committee.
  4. In partnership with the Faculty Professional Development Committee and the Director of Institutional Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, develop and implement professional development focused on DE&I pedagogical strategies at Faculty Academy.
  5. Collaborate and build relationships with local, regional, and/or statewide professional development groups to extend opportunities to faculty.
  6. Analyze access to professional development opportunities for dual enrollment faculty and provide recommendations for improvement if needed.
  7. Create an evaluation for Faculty Academy participants.
  8. Research and begin to develop Faculty Learning Communities to nurture collaboration, mentorship, and innovation.

Faculty Professional Development Committee members are elected to serve two-year terms with a second two-year term possible if re-elected.

2021 – 2022 Members

  • Renee Hosang-Alleyne (N) (Chair) – Social Sciences and Education Pathway
  • Jeanne Hopkins (P) – Public and Professional Services Pathway
  • Anthony Jones (P) – Engineering, Maritime and Skilled Trades Pathway
  • VACANT – Science and Mathematics Pathway
  • Katie Disanto (B) (Recorder)–  – Health Professions Pathway
  • Carolyn Satz (C)  – Computer Science and IT Pathway
  • VACANT – Manufacturing and Transportation Pathway
  • Tom Geary (B) – Arts & Humanities Pathway
  • VACANT – Adjunct Faculty
  • Stephanie “Missy” Comer (C)  – Librarian
  • Tiffany Putman (B) – Counseling
  • Jenefer Snyder (P) – Academic Liaison
  • VACANT (P) – Pathway Dean
  • Monica McFerrin (B) – Faculty Academy Liaison
  • John Morea (D) – Academic Liaison

First Tuesday of each month.


Renee Hosang-Alleyne